Hot Wheels® Real Riders® (shown left) feature real rubber tires. These are a new style of wheels and a first for the brand.


The iconic Hot Wheels blue card packaging is introduced. It is still used in Hot Wheels basics today.


Hot Wheels® “Speed Demons®” hit the market. These are the first rendition of monster-like fantasy vehicles from the Hot Wheels design team, with names like Double Demon®, Fangster® and Vampyra®.


The first Hot Wheels Collector convention is held in Toledo, OH.

The first version of the iconic fantasy vehicle, the Hot Wheels Sharkruiser® (shown right), is created within the fantasy line. This jaw-some car is still part of the Hot Wheels basics line today.


The magic of color change is introduced to the Hot Wheels line and for the first-time, kids can instantly change the colors, stripes, numbers and the deco on their cars by dipping them in warm and cold water.