The first Hot Wheels vehicle to come off the production line in 1968 is the Custom Camaro® (shown above), and the first full production line becomes known as "The Sweet 16."

  • Custom Camaro®
  • Custom Cougar
  • Custom Mustang
  • Beatnik Bandit
  • Custom Barracuda
  • Custom Corvette®
  • Custom Eldorado™
  • Custom Firebird®
  • Custom Fleetside
  • Custom T-Bird
  • Custom Volkswagen
  • Deora® (shown right, now called Dodge Deora Concept)
  • Ford J-Car
  • Hot Heap™
  • Python (now called Cheetah™)
  • Silhouette®


The Hot Wheels® Beach Bomb® prototype is the most valuable Hot Wheels car ever created. It sold for $72,000 to famed Hot Wheels collector Bruce Pascal.

Due to its narrow body and top-heavy frame, this initial prototype does not perform up to Hot Wheels standards and is never put into production.